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Envision security will send a trained professional to your home or business to assess your security needs. Envision offers everything from a basic home security package to a comprehensive security plan including alarm, camera, and access control. Call today for your free evaluation and estimate.

Specializing in small to medium sized camera systems, Envision will have your home or business protected from theft and fraud in no time. Start getting the peace of mind that comes with video security today. No job too big or small.

Peace of mind comes with knowing there is always someone watching your home. Like the nosy neighbor, a monitored alarm system will alert the authorities at the first sign of trouble. Sleep better at night knowing you and your family have an extra layer of protection and that your alarm company is always on guard.

"Since the first day Envision Security installed our cameras, the work productivity has increased by 20%. We have also noticed our coffee and office supply bills are significantly lower. "

Gary H.
Acadiana Medical Lab

"During the 1st week of having our new camera system we were able to apprehend two would-be thieves thanks to the quality and ease of operation."

Russel Jackson
Lafayette Shooters

"It is nice to know my house is safe when I go to town and when i go to bed at night. "

Lierra Meche
Church Point


Grahams Law:
You will only need it if you dont already have it.

During these vacation months, it is important for us to remember these few tips to keep our home safe while away:

1. keep lights on (by timers if possible.)
2. Have a neighbor pick up mail and papers or temp. stop service.
3. Set your alarm